Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photos of a Neighbors Booth at Topeka Show

Along with some of the good things about a slow show that I listed in my last entry (we are trying hard to put a positive spin on it) is being able to visit / buy with other dealers.  One of our neighbors was Tiffani Wallace of Vintage Gardens in Clay Center, Kansas.  Of course I always go crazy for vintage garden stuff and she always has cute displays.
Here is Tiffani with her perfect-in-pink daughter

Cute primitive wood signs.

Take note of her totally awesome corrugated tin banners.

I ordered one that says "SATURDAYS"
to put in my outdoor booth.
It won't fade or get damaged in the weather.

You can call her if you are interested in ordering
tin banners at 785-632-2187
or contact her at
Here is my husband purchasing 1930s
real photo postcards from our other neighbor Rich.
So much for profit.  Oops... thinking positive.

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