Friday, November 7, 2014

Katie's November Booth at Rusty Chandelier

Katie and I were frantically trying to add a holiday touch to our booths this week.  I'm showing hers first, because my camera battery died after I took the last photo in her booth. Her Christmas colors are enough to put any grouch in a holiday mood.

Colorful holiday frames.
She made several holiday rag garlands which look so great wherever they are hung.

She had loads of these architectural pieces,
but now is down to just a few.

Vintage weathervane

This doesn't do the vignette justice,
the church light is on and everything is so festive.

This sled left with a lady before I was done.

Probably my favorite part of the booth.
Love the colors on the thermoses.
Her booth is HLB at the Rusty Chandelier,
I-29 and 71 Hwy north of St Joseph MO.

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