Monday, April 18, 2016

Skidmore Old-Time General Store Display Cabinet

Here is the back view of the old-time general store display cabinet that we purchased at the small town flea market last weekend.  Since it came directly from the flea market,
we didn't have a chance to "work" on it much.  The back will have to stay dusty until the future owner has a chance to clean it.  The doors don't slide smoothly, due to rusty tracking -- no chance to work on those either.
This beautiful cabinet has lovely white paint, crazed with age -- just like we like it.  It was rescued out of the basement of the an old grocery store in Skidmore, Missouri.  If you have a chance, you should google Skidmore and see the interesting saga of that little town with a population under 400.  It is documented in a book "In Broad Daylight" and a movie.  Stranger than fiction.
The three (slightly wavy) mirror back panels are what sold me.
The top piece of glass is original to the piece.
I was looking for a big piece to display things on,
and this behemoth is perfect.
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  1. What a fantastic display case! A wonderful addition to your booth, I'm sure. Thanks so much for linking up your find at Vintage Charm :)


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