Sunday, May 15, 2016

1990s Entertainment Cabinet Turned Storage Cabinet

I needed a piece of furniture to put in my vintage booth, and I needed it NOW. I had about 5 minutes to shop for it if I wanted my son to help schlep it over the weekend. So I went to a used furniture shop by our house.  This monster was the best option.  VERY heavy, my husband and son informed me.

Not particularly gorgeous, but it would probably paint up nicely.  I didn't have time for that however.  Straight to my booth.

I did manage to measure to interior rear of the cabinet -- it had a big hole for cords and ventilation.  I purchased a big piece of foam board at Hobby Lobby ($15) and a repro eye chart ($4).  I added other vintage printed items (which I already had on hand) around the exterior of the eye chart. 

Not great, but much better.
And once the "stuff" goes in,
no one will suspect the big hole in the back.
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