Friday, January 27, 2017

Vintage Bathroom Makeover -- The "Before"

Our main floor bathroom looked pretty much like this when we moved in to our Victorian house -- in 1988.  (Actually the sink area is IDENTICAL to when we moved in.) We considered it "good enough".  We had so many other priorities to tackle that it never even really made the list.  Besides, it was the "boys" bathroom.

This cabinet beneath the sink?  Same as when we moved in.  Doors never did completely close.

One of the things we did do was put up "bead board" on the shower side wall. 

Part of the beadboard was painted and the part above the shower was stained.  Why?
Oh, and that lovely dropped ceiling.  Yeah, there when we moved in.  Still there.

 This is the view above the dropped ceiling.  The reason we never tackled the drop ceiling.
Good luck Mr. Handyman tackling this cobbled over debacle.  Also notice the lovely
fluorescent light.

We have had a couple different layers of flooring.  All cheap.
The bathroom walls?  Last time I attempted to paint I tried
shades of brown and gold (do you understand this is not the best two colors for a bathroom?)
Also I added texture to the walls, which only extends to the drop ceiling.

This has been the bathroom shelf since we moved in 28 years ago.  We bought it when we were first married, at a flea market.  It has had some paint slapped on it from time to time.  Sigh.

View from "the throne".  It once was a hallway, our
Victorian house was built without indoor plumbing so the whole bathroom is a
giant "make do".  31" at the widest point x 14 feet long.
Soo many issues to tackle...

All of this is about to change.  Total bathroom makeover starts while we ARE ON A CRUISE.
Really, does it get any better than that?

Catch the "after" results by clicking here

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