Thursday, July 28, 2016

Girls Nite Out On The Square

Our little town had a "Girl's Nite Out" on the square last night.
When it is 100+ degrees, you have to have some entertainment.
This was my little area.  Home based businesses were invited to
set up inside established businesses around the square.  For free.
I sat up inside a used furniture business.

The idea was to get ladies inside of businesses that they may not
normally frequent.  And of course it was great for the home based businesses as well.

I didn't sell a ton, but I made some good business contacts
and some good personal contacts.

This hanging cabinet was my best piece,
I just purchased it out of a barn a couple of weeks ago.
The stenciling is original.

The plants were my big sellers.

This was my other barn purchase.
Perfectly chippy green paint.
I had to use a ton of WD40 to get the spring hinges to work.
And I had to replace the glass front.

This was one of my neighbors.
Since this was one of the businesses on the square that had quite a
bit of space, about seven small businesses were in our building.
In addition to the jewelry and the one booth I have shown below,
there was photography, original artwork and a massage studio.

There was a mother - daughter team on my other side.
The mother did the paintings -- love the cow paintings.

The daughter does the plants...

and some great fairy gardens.
Lots of ladies, lots of fun.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

7.16.16 Auction Finds -- LOOKIN' FOR SMALLS

I went to the weekly tiny town auction last Saturday morning with one thing in mind: "Do NOT buy anything large."
I am running out of storage space,

I need smalls to fill in my booth's nooks and crannies,
it is too hot to haul heavy things,

I needed a mental break from vanloads of junk,

I am doing a kind of local "sidewalk sale" next Wednesday
and I needed something besides...

the usual huge, rusty stuff.

And sometimes it just feels good to

step out of your rusty, junky comfort zone.

Just for one week, one auction...

and then I'll get right back in the rusty, junky, oversized fray.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Junk Metal Mama In Manitou

We were on vacation last week in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  We went by this funky little shop and
this was what we saw from the road.  We had to stop.

This nice lady had just moved her metal sculpting studio on to
Manitou's main street.  She calls herself the Metal Mama
and does smithing and welding.

This tree is a sample of artwork that she
made for a nearby state park facility.

I loved the polished metal leaves.

Do you see the two birds facing each other?
This little bug garden sculpture is what we left with.
Just some of the beautiful sights we saw on our trip.
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Vintage Real Photo Postcard Bonanza

I bought a box of real photo postcards at an auction about a month ago. This category is maybe one of my favorite things to sell.  I love to buy them, read the notes on the back, research them, imagine the people who purchased them and the time period they lived in.  It is a thin sliver of time caught on a postcard -- usually dating between 1905-1945.

I love the story this postcard tells...
could the photographer not even write straight?

These are two identical postcards:
Iceberg shaped café and gas station in New Mexico.
Plane and dog sled postcard from Alaska.

In this group of postcards I actually got TWO
of prize winning roosters.
I am keeping the other one for now.

People love their animals.

This thing looks like a submarine.

Amphibian airplane.

A snapshot of San Francisco.
All are going to ebay soon.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1930s PRIMERS & READERS Vintage Finds

This pile of Primers & Readers all came from a local on-line auction that I picked up last week.  I won several interesting items, but these were the best surprise.  The online auction photo only showed a few of these in the top of a tub, but there were scads more buried underneath.  Almost all of them were from the 1930s.

This was a set of 10 Readers from 1936.
Pre-Primer, Primer, and 1-8.
Of course each is progressively more difficult
and increases in vocabulary
(and decreases in illustrations, which is sad.)

These are the gorgeous illustrations
in the Pre-Primer.

I looked up the difference between Primer and Reader.
Reader is synonymous with "book".

The easiest level of  reader is a pre-primer.  The text is simple and often repetitive and/or predictable when viewing the book's illustrations.
Primer is the next step up from pre-primer in the world of leveled reading.  The text remains simple, but sentences are longer and more vocabulary is introduced.  Repetition is common, but not to the extent of the pre-primer text.  In our modern world, primer level starts at approximately the second half of first grade.  But these vintage Primers look pretty advanced for that.
Aren't these illustrations wonderful?
The books are all in vg condition for their age.

If I don't get them sold through ebay,
most of them look interesting enough to sell in my vintage booth.
And these are the cream of the crop. 
Two paperback Dick and Jane readers from 1936...

...with the sweetest illustrations.
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

This Little Piggy Cutting Board

I got this little piggy cutting board with a bunch of other auction stuff.  It was very new looking, and frankly I don't need any more "projects", but pig cutting boards are one of the few things I keep occasionally. 

I gave him a quick coat of chalk paint,
and then distressed him.
Followed by a light BBQ stencil,
and mishmash hanger.
Now this little piggy is ready for market.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Magnolia Line At Nebraska Furniture Mart

We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart (KC location) today looking for a couch.  Long story, but we will probably not ever find exactly what we are looking for.  But here is what we did find:

Magnolia Home Interiors has come to Nebraska Furniture Mart!

It was all right as you go in, hard to miss.

Nice selection of vintage inspired furniture, baskets, accents,
and even blankets.

I thought some of the pieces were pretty reasonable.
But probably the "real thing" (true vintage item) would be even cheaper
if you could find it.

And I didn't have to fight the crowds at
Magnolia in Waco.

And yes,
I did get to see Chip & JoJo.

Edwardian Dress

 I bought this dress a few months ago, and tucked it away in a "future ebay sales" drawer. I have been on an ebay sabbatic...