Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Local On-Line Auction

I have had other posts concerning local on-line auctions I participate in.  The photos of the estate items are usually dark or blurry, and hard to really get a handle on what you are bidding on.  I've learned by now to really scrutinize the photos, and bid a percentage on faith.  I thought I would give you examples of what I've been dealing with:

Take a gander at this photo.  What here looks appealing?  Is there a chance that
jar on the left could be a cool old general store candy jar?  Maybe.

Yes!  This time the gamble paid off.
Or how about this?
Ok, cool book thing on the back, but what type of bike is it?
Sorry, my photo is not much better.
Turns out it is a Monark, in good condition.  Bingo.
The description just called this "two chalkboards".
Old?  New? Damaged? Sizes?
Here is the smaller one after my husband finished with it.
Again -- old or new?
What is under that top white thingie?
Perfectly old, and with a couple pieces of marble thrown in to boot.
This group was my best surprise.
The shutters were wood, not plastic.
The drawers had great glass knobs.
The cabinet doors on the left will make great signs.
It turned out there were FOUR of the cool windows,
all with cool textured glass which did not show at all in this photo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Patriotic Window & Shelf Combo

In my personal experience, no project is ever easy.  I got a vintage shelf in a box of junk at an auction weeks or months ago.  It wasn't horrible enough to put on the curb in my notorious free pile.  I thought that an "easy" :{ project would be attaching it to an old window.

What happened here?
As I often tell me husband...
you don't even want to know.
Let's just say my troubles had not even begun at this point.
 After a few weeks I located a window.
I should say I finally located a cheap window that was close to the proper size.
But to satisfy my sense of fung shai the shelf supports had to be moved.
Attaching it was fairly easy with my new cordless driver.
Since this stage occurred mid-June,
I decided to paint the window in a patriotic theme.
I painted the red and blue parts, waiting for them to dry.
Then I painted the entire back white.
I finally got it taken into my booth this week.
It all takes time...and patience.
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vintage Themed Anniversary Party

Katie, a junking friend of mine, hosted a huge anniversary party in honor of her parents.  The huge amount of time and planning really paid off in the end.  It was a gorgeous soiree.  Full of some great vintage entertainment ideas.

There were a couple of these "family trees",
with photocopied picts pinned to the tree.
Yes, I do take credit for stenciling the signs.

A table with bugspray offered some protection,
probably needed more when it got dark and these awesome
light fixtures were turned on.

Yummy homemade desserts were served
 off the back of this beauty.

Here is a view of the truck from the front.  Wow.

And here is a close-up of the desserts. YUM.
I had a piece of carrot cake that was 2die4.

The tables were set up in a shady persimmon grove.

Katie had made yards of these cute garlands
from old cutter quilts.

Loved the centerpieces on all of the tables.
They had a "Wish" jar available to write well wishes
to the couple.

Vintage d├ęcor abounded.

The evening was a little warm,
but these vintage containers were full of icy drinks.

You can read the history of the above glider
by clicking here.  It has settled into it's new home nicely.

One of Katie's signature creations --
flower vase branches.
They lined the sidewalk and driveway.
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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Never Enough Quilts

As I mentioned in my last post, we "sailed" while attending my family reunion in Nebraska.  Click on that post here

All of these quilts or quilt pieces came from that small town city-wide garage sale, actually just from one sale.

The number of quilts I purchased may seem a little extreme, or perhaps more like hoarding -- but as the sign says "Never Enough Quilts" (sign also purchased from the same sale!).

The above two red ones are my favorites, I paid $25 for the pair.
I'll probably sell them around Christmas time.
This quilt top had a lot of nice feedsack squares.
I bought two sections (meaning good size pieces) of crazy quilt.
They were only a couple bucks each, and I'll find a project for them.
I also bought bag of quilt blocks,
they sell well on ebay.
I bought these pieces thinking they were quilt blocks,
they turned out to be a deconstructed quilt top
(someone had cut it apart.)  So I reunited them again,
just in a banner form.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Family Reunion Garage Sailing 6.10.2016

Do you prefer to write "garage saling" or "garage sailing"?  I prefer the term "sailing".  It evokes an image of sailing delightfully through cool, uncrowded streets with wide smiles on our faces - while picking the most tantalizing vintage items. 

All to say, that we went garage sailing on Friday of our family reunion in Nebraska.  We broke away from the reunion, along with our son and daughter-in-law and headed to a small, nearby town that was having a citywide garage sale (a total of 10 or 12 sales).  So the term sailing fit the morning pretty well: hair blowing in the wind (because we just left the sliding van doors open), wide grins, uncrowded streets, interesting vintage purchases -- just with 96 degrees of a blasting Nebraska furnace instead of the cool breeze

Here my son is standing by "the one that got away" --
a perfectly chippy $30 kitchen cabinet, already sold.

But we did surprisingly well for attending that few sales.  I am just teasing you with a few quick treasure photos on this post, more to come.

This great wire basket came with the antlers,....

three duck decoys and....
these rubber turkey decoys which were worn as hats for
most of the reunion.
Overall it was quite a "Zingo Bangy" time.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vintage Garden Glimpses

Vintage junk and gardening ... a perfect combination.  Both the junk and flowers in my  gardens change from year to year, week to week.

My drooping wisteria is what led me to grab
my camera and head outside.

This was some part of a stove,
great finial.

This pretzel-like cast iron piece is one of my favorite pieces,
and probably the oldest garden piece I own.

Here is a good idea of what to do with a
bird bath base that has lost it's top.

I bought this gate many years ago,
it would go with me if I ever moved.

I purchased this loveseat early this spring,
I sat it here to hose it off and liked it so well
in this location that it is staying where it landed.

I have two wash boilers that I have planted.
I love the look and the height.
I have every kind of junk in my yard,
including the kitchen sink.
Love the moss on this old urn,
and FYI it is on the south side of the urn.
Lest you think my whole yard looks good....
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