Monday, September 25, 2017

Actually Using Vintage Wallpaper

A quick disclaimer -- I am using vintage wallpaper in this post, but not on walls.

I have had this roll of vintage wallpaper for over a year -- waiting to list it on ebay.  

Then I pulled out this teatray project.  The center of the teatray had rotted out, so I had to replace the bottom with some fiberboardish stuff that I had.  And wanted it to look vintage.  So I thought of the wallpaper.  I glued it directly to the fiberboard.  The glue kind of bled through and I thought I had ruined it, but when it dried it was perfect!  (I did lay a bunch of books on it to keep it from wrinkling).

I put the fiberboard inside the teatray frame.  Nice, but what if someone actually (gasp) uses said tea tray for tea? (Yes, I could have had a glass piece cut for it, but did not want to mess with it.)  I took another chance and brushed a poly over the whole thing.  It had just enough color to turn the project a little gold, and I LOVED it. If I had been super serious about waterproofing, I may have added another coat or two.

Next day I bought this little old cabinet.  Great little antique piece for $17. 

 Nasty looking shelves inside that someone had GLUED horrible paper to.
  I needed a quick fix.
Vintage wallpaper to the rescue!

 Same technique. Glue with book weights, followed by brushing on a coat of poly.  
At this rate there may not be any wallpaper left to list on ebay.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Garden Windmill Repair

I bought this little beauty at the same estate sale that I bought so many other treasures from last weekend.  The windmill was leftover for the 50% OFF day because it was so damaged.  Many of the crossbar supports were dangling loose, which I had to bolt back into place.  All four horizontal ground supports were bent and twisted (I didn't do too much straightening, because I didn't want to weaken the metal.)

The tail and wheel were not original, but they were homemade and cool looking.  They needed to be reattached to each other, and then to the windmill stand.  I hope no one looks too closely, because now there is quite a hodgepodge of hardware holding it all together.

My favorite part of the windmill is the little wire ladder running all the way up the side of the windmill.  I can just picture a little tiny man scaling the side of the windmill to do some repairs.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds

I went to a farm house estate sale last weekend that was organized by a friend of mine.  I have done estate sales before, and I know what a daunting task it was.  This sale was HUGE, and encompassed the house and several sheds.

 I got three of these magazines from the 1920s.
I am going to frame them and hang them in my future chicken coop.
(Doesn't everyone decorate their chicken coop interior?)

 Speaking of chickens -- I also bought two large egg baskets,
one folding egg basket,
and a great scale.

I already had the basket, but purchased the 
"grocery cart" and owl #1.

 Owl #2 inside a milk crate "cage".

+ 6 more metal milk crates.

Giant ball of twine....

and the cutest little birdhouse.

 Bird nests.... they are a weakness of mine.

 These had sat in box in the barn for years.
 I also bought a garden windmill,
but had to make some repairs on it.
You will have to check back in a couple of days to see it.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Setting Up At Ladies Night Out

Each fall some friends of mine sponsor a "Ladies Night Out" on the square in our town. They do an awesome job.

This year 77 small home-based businesses (tupperware, candles, jewelry, etc) set up inside brick & mortar businesses, on the square sidewalk, and on the courthouse lawn.  It is free to be a vendor, and helps bring people to the square to explore businesses that are permanently there.

I set up on the courthouse lawn. It was the first year that the courthouse lawn was open to vendors, so I didn't know quite what to expect.  The response was overwhelming. We had a huge turnout.  It was so much fun to watch herds of women walking around and visiting.

I had a $1 table, and it was very popular!  I did sell some "better" stuff, 
but the majority of the $200 +that I made was from the $1 table.

I know that isn't a fortune, but from the time we left our house, to the time we got home was only 4 hours.   Plus, as I said -- it was a free event.  Not bad. I left the van packed, and did a flea market on Saturday that was sponsored by my vintage mall.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Still Painting Our 1895 Painted Lady

Last Fall I started to paint the first floor exterior of our 1895 house.  Painting it, for the third and last time.  And because of that, trying to do a great job.  We owe it to the house.  She has been good to us for 30 years.

Last fall I got almost all of the main floor exterior completed, plus two second floor porches. This summer my husband did the front second story, lots of dibbly work there.  He still has to do some on the east and west sides of the house. This fall I am doing all of the painting I didn't "quite" get to before the snow fell last year.  She is lookin' fabulous.

This week I have been working on this alcove, and getting alot of exercise.  Each time I move the ladder I run up and down the ladder six times (at least) with six different colors.

 (Which does not even include our seventh color, a lighter green.)
We have something like 54 acorns decorating our house.

This is the only area I have deal with this many colors, 
because most of the "detail" is on the second story where my husband is painting.   

 I am now officially done with my assignment, the main first story -- 
but by no means done with working on the house.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds

Last Thursday I visited my father in Nebraska,
(and managed to visit several garage sales as well.)
This was the coolest item I bought -- a large sterling silver pendant.
After research, I think the purple stone is called charoite.
I will be listing it on ebay.

 Saturday we picked up items that I had won at a local on-line auction.
I got this rag basket for $2 and ....

this Watering Can for $6
(probably due to the bullet holes.)

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Adding A Pierced Tin Cap To Our Shed

I don't have alot of things that you would be jealous of.
But I do have a 1895 killer garden shed.

This is the view from the south side.

I don't know if it was originally a shed,
chicken coop or privy.
Love the moons on the back.

 We had purchased two strips of decorative roof strips earlier this summer.
We immediately decided that they would look great....

 adorning the mossy shake-shingle roof.

 I only got them attached to the edges of the roof
that I could access on a ladder without climbing the roof.

I think my shed is enjoying her new roof-do.

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