Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vintage Car Side Show

During a quick road trip to Springfield Missouri,
 we were staying at a budget hotel
 and the parking lot was full of car guys.
 (Look closely to see the rat hood ornament).

Turns out there was a huge auto swap meet at the county fair grounds.
 So we popped in to look - for fun and maybe to find other vintage items.

Takin' a look under the hood.

Plenty of interesting people and vehicles,
 "We Don't Rent Pigs".

Some people were prepared to cart around their finds.

Some rented scooters to cart themselves around.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.
My husband, who tried his had at door painting this summer,
 was particularly interested in this booth.
Click here to see the truck doors that he painted recently.

He called this scene, "A Set of Tires and a Couple Spares".
Found an awesome vintage box,
  but out of our price range.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Limestone Sidewalk Repair

We are making some major repairs to our 1895 home.  Curb appeal is part of it -- and a sub-category of that is the sidewalk leading to the house.  Ours was original to our 1895 house.  Limestone.  Limestone does not last forever.  It gets  cracked and worn.  Some of the limestone pieces were hard (or dangerous) to walk over.  Some had deteriorated into dust.

 We selected the four worst rectangles to remove and replace. 
(Sorry, no "before" pics). They ranged from 4"-6" in depth,
so it wasn't going to be easy. 

Look how smooth!
 My husband rented a jackhammer to
remove / break up the old limestone.
He claimed that part was pretty fun.

Then was the sand underneath and the wooden outline.
Here you can see how nice the new concrete (left)
looks next to the old limestone.
Fortunately, none of the four new concrete sections were side by side.

One repair completely done,
397 to go.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds

Last Friday I went to ONE garage sale.  Normally I have to shop at about 10 garage sales to find something at one of them.  When I pulled in front of the  garage sale it was a bit sad looking. With most everything in the yard from the 1980s, at a very sad looking little house.  They mentioned they did have a few things inside ....

 Like FIVE 1913 era trophies.  

 Like this little box of jewelry from Bejing.  

Like a piece of Italian pottery marked Tiffany & Co.

 Authentic? I don't know, but it is gorgeous.
You cannot tell a garage sale by it's cover.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Music Cabinet Furniture Redo

I am NOT supposed to be buying furniture.  Not even small furniture.  Somehow I still ended up with this music cabinet, probably because of the $4 price tag. Missing the door. Ugly, to boot.

Then I started looking closely.  It went from bad to worse.  Big hole where something started eating the leg (insert shiver here). When I lightly sanded the top, I realized it wasn't real wood, neither were the sides or the back.  Sigh.  The only areas of real wood were the legs and trim.

Oh, and the shelves which had already I ripped out were also wood.  The bottom of the shelves revealed that they had been "recycled" way back when from a shipping crate.  Probably by the Hammond Music Company, since it is a music cabinet.  But I had already hacked out the wood shelves at this point.  VERY close here to putting it on the curb.  Two things saved it:  cute wooden rollers on the  bottom, and I already had a COKE crate that was going to fit perfectly into the bottom.

So I did a coat of white chalk paint, inside and out.  Sigh.  The top bled through.  (Mama said there would be days like these.)

Last weekend I had purchased a couple of pieces of pressed tin for $3 each.  One fit fairly well on the top, so I spent the next hour tacking it on top and bending it over the back.  Love it, and it covered  the stains.

Another light coat of the white paint.  Light distressing (but only on the real wood areas).
Then I added several pieces of the two torn out shelves to make one interesting top shelf (totally removable if someone doesn't want it.)

 Between the embossed tin top, "Hammond" shelf, Coke crate, and wooden rollers -- this baby now has an excess of personality.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds

The common denominator for all of these vintage finds: none of them are "my usual" picks.  Totally outside the box of what I normally purchase for resale.

 This year I am trying not to purchase pottery or glass.
But what to do when I see a McCoy bank grinning at me?

 And I have always had a soft spot for carnival glass.

.The pattern & iridescence on these Northwood berry bowls was sweet.

 Cabbage leaf  Wedgwood Plates.

 A primitive chair.  I always tell my husband
that they are not worth messing with.

But what great green paint and patina on this beauty.

 I bought TWO of these without a clue of what they were.
Apparently, if you are into looking at colonies of bacteria,
this is your best friend.

My husband bought the closest dump truck for $1.
I brought the other THREE up from storage to show him we already had a few.
He thought that his dump truck was just good at making friends.

Never buy books in poor condition.
So why did I buy this 1907 
"Moving Pictures Teddies" book?
A gamble on ebay.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Clock & Footstool From Beauty And The Beast

Friday night we watched the new rendition of Beauty And The Beast.  We really enjoyed it.  Saturday I went to an auction and bought a clock and a footstool.  We all got a good laugh from it, because the footstool reminded us SO much of the one in the movie.  Of course, he changes into a dog at the end of the movie.   Do you recall the name of the dog? (Answer given at the end of this post.)

Here is the mantel clock I bought at the auction.
The sad, wrinkled face reminded me of Cogsworth.
And of course the cogs reminded me of Cogsworth.

I will probably sell the pendulum bob separately,
isn't it interesting?

The footstool was almost black, and had a gross tweedy top when I bought it.
That is probably why it sold for $2.50.
I recovered it with a "local" feedsack.

And painted the curvy legs with a gray/blue chalkpaint.
I think that Sultan the Dog would approve.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Old Trunk Resurrected

I already posted about the auction I attended last weekend.  After bidding on everything I wanted, I started to walk away.  An "auction helper" chased after me because they had just uncovered an old trunk that they 'thought I would be interested in' (i.e. no one else would bid on).

 After a quick look inside, I bid $5 and it was mine!

 The rusted out top was the most obvious reason no one else was interested.
But the rust was only skin deep, underneath was decent wood.

 My favorite feature of the trunk is the "alligatored"
green paint on the wooden slats.  Almost like milk paint.

 This is the inside of the lid.  The writing says,
"Dad's trunk when he got married to our Mother,
Sept 30, 1900".

First I removed the holey metal sections on the top.
I liked the discolored wood underneath, it even had a bit of the
metal design rusted on to it.  So I just gave it a dark stain to
blend it with the remaining rusted metal -- and a matte polyurethane on top of that.

 There were multiple reasons I looked inside before bidding:
-- if there was a mildew or moth ball smell I wouldn't have purchased it
-- many times the bottom is rusted or rotted out of these old trunks
-- I wanted to see if it had a design under the lid
-- I wanted to know if it still had the original removable drawer/shelf (and the answer was yes!)
So I painted the drawer a similar green to the exterior green, and did a quick
wipe on / wipe off with the dark stain to "age" the paint.

I brushed a clear wax all over the exterior and let that dry before coming
back in and buffing. That really brought out the stamped metal design.

 Really, the whole thing was pretty easy.
I don't find trunks easy to sell, but the price was right on this beauty
and I didn't have to spend much time in resurrecting her.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Staging An Older House To Sell

I am not a realtor.  I am not a flipper.  I am not any kind of an expert in real estate.
But I have been doing my homework concerning what it is that people are looking for in a house.
Specifically if it is an older house.
In a nut shell: updated, but with old house character (a fine balance).
Sunday afternoon I toured a great older house down the street from us.
More research.  And these are some of my conclusions on staging an older home.

 Curb appeal.
This house has it in spades.
But it has to have sustainability.
(The potential buyers have to think they could keep it
looking that way.)

 Good sidewalk.
Good stairs.
Plants, healthy plants.
Painted front door, check.
A couple of coordinating chairs on the porch.

 This house has great natural light.
I appreciated that they didn't try to keep the sun out with heavy curtains.
It also had well placed electrical lighting, which were all turned on during the open house.
There were no dark paint colors sucking up the natural light.

No crowded book shelves.
This house had FOUR mantels on the main floor,
and each was decorated very simply.
I could easily imagine my own decor on the mantel.

Put extra furniture pieces in storage.
Especially if they interfere with natural walk ways.
 Oh, and clear out your closets --
I will definitely be looking at how much space is in each one.

  Bare floors, if possible.
Easy to clean.
I don't have to imagine if pets have peed on the carpet,
or what you may be hiding under the rugs.

 Not too heavy on the "authentic" victorian, craftsman or
whatever style.  Most people are not purists, and they
 have to be able to picture a comfortable mix
of styles in the house.

Light neutral colors.
 Featured here is :"Sell-it-now" gray.
As in, if you really want to sell your house,
this should be your go-to color.
And of course, the white trim is a JoJo Gaines classic touch.

 Cleared off.
Stow it.  We don't want to see your make-up,
tooth brush or mouth wash.  The more naked
counter space, the better.  Same in the kitchen.

 This may seem a little bizarre, but my big
"take away" from this house was pillows.
I would need more stylish pillows to stage the beds in my house.

Sparkling clean, everywhere.
Cobwebs are a no-no, they make me think there are spiders in your house. 

 Now we are exiting through the back door.
Love the built-in bench and storage.
I can imagine how handy this space would be.

Not just that I will remember it from the home tour.
But that I can picture my family making memories
there in the future.

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