Friday, February 19, 2016

A Friend's Booth At The 2016 St Joseph MO Antique Show

My husband and I are privileged to be friends with a great local family. 
The "patriarch" wanted to downsize his wonderful antiques collection somewhat. 
I suggested that he participate in his first antiques show.

I was so busy taking photos of his cool
merchandise, that I missed taking a photo
of the sign in back of this twig table:

Every penny he made from the sale
will benefit a program which sends food home with
low-income children each weekend.

I am glad to report that his very first antique show
went very well and that Backpack Buddies
will be receiving a generous donation.

He set up right across the aisle from me,
so I was able to visit with he and his daughters when
things got slow.

These two fans had a baby brother,
which I am pleased to report went home with me.

I think we managed to make a small dent in
his downsizing goal...

but I wouldn't be surprised to see him set up again next year.



Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2016 St Joseph MO Antique Show -- My BOOTH

I participated in the St Joseph MO Antique Show over Valentine's weekend.  Decent weather and a great turn out!

Probably my favorite piece that I brought.  Still available
and probably heading to eBay.

A nod to the holiday.

Thank you Elizabeth for this exquisite box.

Fuelling was a St. Joseph MO bottling company.

Both paper roll holders are still available.

Funky suitcase on hairpin legs,
it was fun to see how excited the new owner was to take it home.

Suitcases were a huge seller last year,
not so much this year.

My vintage shopping cart is also still available.

Love the patina on the dough bowl.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


I'm putting these hollow ended keys on ebay next week.  The photos turned out so beautifully that I had to document them.

I do not collect keys,
but these make me wonder why I don't.

I don't know enough about keys to even know
what type of item they opened.

But they have definitely opened my eyes.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Vintage Hardware Themed Tiepins & Clips

Sometime during last year's junking season I netted all of these.  Any of you who sell junk on-line or in a brick-and-mortar store know that vintage tie pins / tie clips DO NOT SELL.  The thrift stores don't even want them.  If they are not signed by a designer they are of no value.

Then I started seeing some familiar shapes.
This fishing pole, shovel and thermometer are all tie clips...

Perfect little miniature locks...

The hardware store this guy worked for...

Three different "Mack" tie pins -- love the fireman dog...

Clock tie clip and pin...

Two Stanley tools and a GE blade.
So detailed...

Teensy Keys...

And mini shotgun shell pins...
All heading to ebay.

Friday, February 5, 2016

More Junk Art Mosaic Hearts

A few days ago I did a tutorial on adding vintage junk to frames (click here to see the "how to".  I had included photos of frames that the ladies had made in the class that I taught.  This post is documenting some of the frames that I made myself.

This is the first frame where I attempted to use
wood filler as a surface for the "junk."

It was a little chunky and smelled bad.
But it gave me some good experience on the type of "junk"
that looked good on the frame.

I LOVE the back of watches where you
can see all the little gears.

The first finished frame.

After I perfected the right wood filler
I experimented with applying it to different surfaces.
Wood was a given.  But would it work on metal?
You betcha.

This frame started out as a Michael's 99 cent bare wood frame.
I enjoyed finding the right vintage Valentine to add to it.
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White Side Table "Minnie" Furniture Redo

I purchased "Minnie" late last fall.  My last ditch effort to squirrel away enough furniture to last through the winter.  At this point my back porch is looking a little "lean".  Better people than I would call it "neat and tidy", but I'm somewhat more comfortable with a packrat mentality.

I am definitely looking for little tables and stands to "redo".
Easier to carry, easier to sell.

I am also looking for sturdy furniture with some nice details.
Minnie fit the bill.

Minnie was named after a character in the book
"The Help", which I had just finished.

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