Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday's Fall Auction Vintage Finds 10.24.15

So I told you about the auction that I went to on Saturday (click HERE for post).  And wrote about the buffet that I purchased there and refurbished in two days (click  HERE  for that post.)   Here are some other items that I came home with:

hand held knife sharpener

plaster pink flamingos

gorgeous German plates

old bike seat

wood stove finial
porcelain gas sign
keeper green & brown spatter bowl

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Francis Buffet Redo

When I attended last Saturday's auction (click  HERE  for post on auction) I repeatedly told myself I should not buy furniture.  Do NOT buy furniture.  DO NOT BUY FURNITURE.

Then this buffet came up for sale.  Poor timing, at the very end of the auction.  The van was already packed.  But my husband managed to put it up on top of the van.  And off the Beverly Hillbillies went once again.

I squirreled it away in the shed for the winter, like a big nut.  A "to do" project for next spring.  Then I received a phone call on Sunday saying that I had sold an unheard-of three pieces of furniture from my booth.  So, the big nut was schlepped out of the shed after less than 24 hours.

I got a great deal on it because the dark brown paint (sorry, did not get a photo of it in this condition) disguised the nice lines of the piece.  Thankfully, it was a nice solid piece that only needed cosmetic help.  I painted it a light avocado green on the exterior as the "base" color (first two photos) (as always, the paint is all chalk paint so that I didn't have to do much prep work).  I really wanted to leave the interior the dark brown, just to get the piece done faster...but I couldn't make myself do it.  The interior was painted a darker avo green.

Then I painted a light coat of a creamy white paint on top of the base light green.  That way I could do some sanding and have a good amount of the green peeking through, with a bit of the dark brown bottom layer.  And did I mention that I added the decorative backsplash all by myself?  I was lucky to have it stashed away for just such an occasion.

So, on Monday all I had left to do was the hardware (the original was SO ugly).  I had a couple nice handles, but they were slightly smaller than the originals.  So I had to drill new holes, and I bought cheapo ordinary washers to hide the holes on the outside.  The washers were too shiny for the brushed nickel handles so I gave the handles, knobs and washers a spray of hammered nickel.  Really am liking the results.

I named her Francis, because she looks a little old-fashioned and hard working.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday Fall Farm Auction 10.24.15

Saturday dawned cool and clear.  Perfect fall weather and we didn't have a thing on the time!

It was a little hard to tell from the ad (no photos)
what type of auction to expect.

I was delighted to find a variety of animals on the farm.

A variety of junk.
(Yes, I did snap up the tulip pitcher)

It attracted a small, rural crowd.

Not to appear greedy,
but I also took home the light blue Pepsi cooler.

I was very sad to find out none of these beauties were in the sale.
You'll have to tune in at a later date to see what else I scored..

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Saturday's Vintage Finds 10.10.15

My husband and I had a quick and thorough junking morning last Saturday. 

First we hit a couple garage sales, which produced a couple of boxes of Christmas ornaments including these.

Then we went to a Tiny Town Saturday morning auction.  Which produced 100 vintage battery oil bottles, all of which had been "dug".  If you are not familiar with the term, it meant I had to hand wash each and every little bottle.

But they turned out well.

We also snagged several jars of buttons,

and a circa 1900 piano book with 12 full-page illustrations.
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Altered Vintage Halloween Pictures

Click here to see some of last year's altered vintage Halloween pictures.  I did not like this year's Dollar Tree faux Halloween photographs. So I started looking around for more inspiration and used some authentic old oval photos in frames that I had spraypainted black.

Maybe not as successful as other Halloween projects I've done,
but it was simple.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Vintage Decorated Entryway At Rusty Chandelier

Katie just finished decorating the entryway at The Rusty Chandelier for October.  Here are a few highlights:

The urn is fantastic, right?

The owl has sat in my backyard for years,
time to let it fly away.

Close up of the great patina.

Lastly, a little glimpse of my booth.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Halloween Ribbon "Awards"

A few weeks ago I picked up a slough of 1950s era horse show ribbons.

I sold a few, added a few to a chalkboard, and got inspired to transform the rest.

I started out by spraying them all a flat black.  (Before you get all "How could you?" just know that many were discolored or damaged).

I used some narrow paper strips that I had purchased to make Halloween paper chains with my niece.  (May need to purchase more of those...)  I also purchased some foil rosettes and paper BOO coasters from Michael's.  Otherwise I just used some stuff I already had. 

I don't know how well they will sell, but I had a lot of fun making them.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween Assemblage Art Books PART 2

I do not claim to be a great artist.  But I sometimes get consumed by a creative force.  I lose track of time.  I can't get enough.  Everything else (like time itself) not only comes to a standstill, it doesn't exist.  So this is part 2 (click  here  to see Part I) but know this still is not all of them, just all that I paused long enough to take photos of.

If you were able to decipher the note:
the Apron Club was kind of a chain letter but with aprons.
This book I gave more of a masculine vibe.
I used all the different bits from a hinged paper
skeleton - just on different books.
Can you find all of the different parts after looking at my PART I post?

An actual page from an old book.

I was inspired by the "face"
I saw in the rusty metal piece.

You don't have to yell at me.
After I took this photo, I replaced the
doorknob plate with a less attractive one.

This photo had 1888 written in two places on the bottom.
So, I decided to have it's theme be numbers.

My favorite Halloween decoration this year has been
plastic roaches from Dollar Tree.
I added a little glitter to these three.
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