Thursday, August 25, 2016

In Love With Hammered Pewter Spraypaint

Rustoleum Hammered Pewter Spraypaint.  I am not an official spokesperson (or unofficial) for this product, but I find myself using it all the time.

My Make-A-Mess-Monday this week was centered around using it.  I had picked up an old fan last week that had good lines, but seen better days. The spraypaint covered the rust very nicely.  Hammered Pewter made all the difference.

Here is what the shabby gray base (and body)
of the fan looked like when I got it from the local on-line auction.
This is what it looked like afterwards.
And it would have probably looked even better
if I had actually cleaned the fan first.
It gives items a nice vintage look, but not flat. 
 It somehow creates the hammered pattern and I love it.
I used it on this funky mid-century pottery vase.
I think I will rub a little stain on it to create some depth.
I also have recently used it on a wooden curtain rod and
metal curtain holders.  Love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August Local On-Line Auction Finds & Tips

I feel more confident each time I participate in one of these on-line auctions.  I have learned to bid a little more than what my cheap-skate self feels comfortable with.  After all, I am not spending all day in the hot sun at an auction waiting for one little thing.

 I try to bid initially early in the two week auction.  Then all the items I am interested in appear in "MY LIST".  I can decide later if I need to up my bid, but at this point I can see everything I am interested in at one glance. 

I look it over again a few days before the end date, do I need to increase any bids?  Do I still need / like that item?  Is it too big? (Storage is at a premium at this point in the buying year.)  Can I make enough money from it to be worthwhile?


It also gives me a few days to decide / decipher what I am looking at in the auction photo.
I kind of thought this looked like it might be a camp blanket in the middle of this stack.  But none of the other items in the pile appeared to be vintage.  So, what price is worth a gamble of it being a camp blanket?

As you can see, it turned out to be a great southwestern motif.

I'm selling it on ebay.

The exterior of this box appeared cooler than in the auction photo.

I love the stenciled numbers.

The graphics on this tool box did not appear in the photo,
but it was still available when I went to pick up my other stuff and I was able to purchase it.

This cool photo was taped to the corner of the toolbox.
Probably a very memorable time in one man's life.
Already sold.

Cast iron is not one of my favorites,
but I love the handle on this piece.
This little bench was hidden behind a bunch of gardening stuff
in the on-line photo.  Most of these auctions require you to take
everything that was in the photo that you won.  Be prepared.
Take boxes.  Realize the auction people are busy and will not
be able to help you load.
It only took a little sanding and paint for it
to look cute as can be.
This was my favorite purchase,
my husband liked it so much that it ended up in our yard.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Frame & Cuckoo Clock Marriage

I picked up two of these Victorian era frames a few weeks ago at an auction.  About half of the leaves were missing, and even the remaining leaf d├ęcor was damaged.

After staring at them for several weeks I decided to move all of the
leaf decorations to one of the frames.  They were just glued on,
so removal/attachment was fairly easy.

One the "bare" frame I added bits of a cuckoo clock
that had fallen apart.  I had salvaged the carved
leaves, rabbit and bird .

It was a good proportion for the frame I was using.
I stained the entire thing to give it some unity.

And I painted the other frame to make it look less
cobbled together.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

JUNKING OLYMPICS Vintage Finds 8.13.16

In my last post I mentioned the Saturday morning junking olympics we had,
click here to see some of the sights.
Two flea markets, an auction and a garage sale all under our belts before noon.
Mornings like this is why we eat our Wheaties and run all those miles
(and by we I mean just my husband.)
I've indicated which event we made the purchase from.
 Auction -- gorgeous yellow and aqua plastic Firestone clock radio.
The clock part still works.  From the 1950s.

Auction -- nicely aged croquet balls.
The sport of croquet is about my speed.
Garage Sale -- I actually picked up SIX of these little
birthday angels, but two were imperfect.
These four will fly off to ebay.

Flea Market -- I found two of these, and my husband found two.
Then a friend came by with THREE more a couple days later.
I should win a gold medal for my pulley collection.

Flea Market -- I saw the seller driving to her spot and ran up and knocked
and her truck window.  "How much are the lawn chairs?"  SOLD!
I was the winner by just a few meters,
someone else had asked the same question before she ever got out of her truck.
One must be passionate and persistent !
Auction -- A trap of some kind.

Flea Market -- The guy handmade this who sold it to me.
I LOVE how authentic it looks.
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Saturday Junking Marathon 08.13.2016

Saturday my husband and I managed to go to TWO flea markets, one auction, and a garage sale all before noon.  Unfortunately, I only snapped pictures at one of the flea markets.

These junking friends set up at the bi-annual market
that I lovingly call the "Fur & Feathers Flea".
Click here to see my adventure there in April.

They had this fun collection of seed thermometer's for sale.

Here is my husband making a deal with this rowdy crew.

There were even more "fur and feathers" on site than ususal.
These handsome fellows were selling for $20 each.

There were a wide selection of items for sale.
You'll have to watch for my next post to see what
I came home with.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Friday's Vintage Finds 8.05.2016

Friday my husband and I headed out early to a small town
city-wide garage sale event.  It started raining at our very first stop.
But we found this wishing well, so it was worth the wet hair.

The rain seemed to keep many people away,
which was good for us.
Love this little donkey, he is covered in moss.

This was our best find.

I've purchased a TON of metal lawn chairs in my time,
but this is my first "pie crust" pattern.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Fifties Rockin'

Sometimes things come to me in themes.
I've never really been drawn to this era of clothing.
But suddenly I have two pairs of saddle shoes....

a cute homemade poodle skirt...

(nice and twirly)

And an authentic fifties letter sweater.
All heading to ebay.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Vintage Pop Top Bulletin Board

I asked my husband where we got this little bulletin board.  We are not sure, it just appeared with a bunch of other stuff sometime during the last two weeks.  It had an unpainted frame, which I freshened up with white on my Make-A-Mess-Monday.

On piddle-around Tuesday I thought the whole thing looked plain.
So I added the vintage pop bottle tops and liked the look.
Just what it needed!
I took it outside to photograph in better light...
and accidently took this photo.
I had to laugh, my husband is in charge of downloadings
picts, because he is better with photo shop.  He didn't even
question that I wanted this funky photo for some reason.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time For Antique Clocks

In the last month I have gone overboard with antique clocks. I have purchased three, maybe four. 
I just like the look of them, they don't have to work -- just sitting on a shelf, they infuse a sense of style.

Look at the feet on this beauty!

The ornate detailing really takes this clock over the top.

Whenever I get one of the aged beauties cheap,
I think to myself "just the face alone is worth that."
The face is what really draws me in.

The information on the back really gives a sense of age.

Love the look of all the gears.
After I brought it home and set it down,
it proceeded to keep perfect time for several days!
Now listed on ebay.
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Desirable Fire-King Mugs

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