Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Junking On Spring Break...In Hastings, Nebraska?

My husband has spring break this week.  He asked where I would like to go, and without hesitation I said: Hastings, Nebraska.  No question.  I lived the first few years of my life there and then we moved.  Almost once a week I have a dream about Hastings, but didn't know how much was rooted in reality.  I felt like it would resolve a lot of things in my subconscious if I could just go there and check it out. 

So, we arrived this morning to our spring break destination of Hastings, Nebraska -- population 25,000.  Toured the museum first, where we also got some information on the area: The Naval Ammunitions Depot, located in Hastings, was the largest WWII Naval Munitions Plant from 1942-1946.  The facility produced over 40% of the Navy's Munitions during the war.   So we did a driving tour of the vast munitions -- SO interesting.  Historians would love it.

We vowed to eat the Nebraska trifecta: Runza and Amigo's today, and Valentino's tomorrow.  Heaven.

Then there is the junking adventure -- we went to an afternoon farm auction (yes, on a Tuesday).  We almost filled the van.  (Tomorrow is another area auction, so we can fill in all the holes and crevices.)

One of the things we purchased today was a cool windmill rudder.  My new friend Ed came over and asked if I were interested in more rudders...YEESSS.  So, after the auction we went over to his house to do a little "shopping".

Ed has worked his whole life repairing and servicing windmills.  He knows everything there is to know about windmills.  Purchased four more windmill rudders from him -- tied them on the top of the van.  Yeehaw.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Using Antique Alphabet Stamps On Vintage Garden Junk

I have two sets of antique alphabet letters, I don't remember where I found them.  But I have gotten a lot of use from them through the years.

Recently I got my antique letter stamps out for my "Flower Pots" box.  (If your try this make sure you use a waterproof ink pad.)

Then I thought it would lend a quirky look to my tin can planters...
(see my other stamped tin can planters here.)

and other metal planters.

I had an old metal milk box that had not sold, so why not try the look on it?

That made me think of another milk box I had in the shed...

Where will it end?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Upcycled Art Cross For Easter

I had created an altered wooden cross last year, see post here.  I had found another wooden cross at a flea market last fall, but didn't get around to the "altering" part until recently.

Nicely timed for Easter.

I had gotten a few containers of hardware at an on-line auction recently, and almost all of the "bits and pieces" came from that stash. 

I love how the hinges give it a gothic feel.

Selling the cross and other vintage Easter d├ęcor at The Rusty Chandelier, north of St Joseph MO at the intersection of I-29 and Hwy 71.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting My Garden Junk In A Row

I know that it is only the end of March, but spring has officially sprung.  People will be getting the green thumb bug before we know it.  I sell a TON of succulents in vintage containers in the spring.  I definitely needed to streamline my assembly process this year. 

Starting with the containers.  I have been accumulating some since last summer. (And painting some, click here to see my painted tin can planter project and here how I made mossy terra cotta pots.)

My junky planter collection was overwhelming my compost / potting area. 

So, I made a new area behind the garden shed for the rotating planter collection.  It will be easy to spot the size and style I am looking for without having to dig through boxes and storage.  Since I actually want the planters to age / rust, it is perfect leaving them out in the weather.  EEEE...I can't wait to start digging in the dirt.

I even have a little area for treasures that help fill out  a sparse planter.

I still have room for courtside seating, for the neighbor boys who come over to use the basketball court (or just for me to sit and soak up the sun.)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Painting Tin Can Planters

At a recent auction I won some hardware that was stored in tin coffee cans.  I didn't want to waste the coffee tins, so I drew inspiration from one I made last year, see that cutie here. 

I like the flat finish of chalk paint on the metal.  I also liked the rusty, rustic look.  I figure if I paint them now, they'll have a couple of weeks to get a good rusty patina on them before planting.  I also had a bunch of little buckets that were a little too shiny, and they got the same treatment.

These are definitely going outside, so 1. I don't have to wash them thoroughly:).  2.  I definitely need to poke holes in the bottom for drainage.  One quick  coat of paint is all that is needed.  I like mellower colors for the more primitive look.  If the cans were not plain tin to begin with, I spraypainted a quick coat of white on them first before painting.

I used vintage alphabet stamps and vintage stencils to tattoo some gardening words on to the tins.  I'm almost ready to go blooming crazy.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

eBay Season Over: Christmas Ornament Finale

Don't get me wrong.  I like spring just as well as the next person.  I LOVE SPRING.  But why do all of my ebay shelves still look full?  My main selling focus in the cold months is to get this stash on-line and out of my house.  By the time April rolls around it is just too late.  I start accumulating again, and have little time left for ebay.  Just another example of there not being enough time in the day...month...year.

I am in love with this glass garland, made of multi-colored,
multi-sized, multi-shaped beads.

This beauty is an unusual size and shape.
Both sides sport the white flower.

Two red heart indents.

A cool mercury glass garland with big beads.

My absolute fave:
a mercury glass radish.

Twisted icicles.
All will be listed on ebay the week of March 22.
I will still try to get some things on ebay after that,
but auctions will be fewer and farther between.
Check out my ebay auctions at: dmomma ebay auctions

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Frames In The Trees, A Sure Sign Of Spring

We've been blessed with spring-like temps this week.
Which can only mean one thing...

time to get outside and paint some frames.

I did several "giant" ones for a bridal fair
(perfect for a photo booth!)

This is how I like to dry them.
The neighbors are used to "the look".

I decided this year all of my frames will be white.
I love me a little color, but this way customers
can buy multiple frames and know they look good together.

Painted frames, it's a good thing.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making Messy-Mossy Terra-Cotta Pots

A few weeks ago I picked up a bunch of way-too-new-looking terra-cotta flowerpots.
They were begging to be aged.

A messy project (and a good dose of hyphens) is a great cure for the

  I started by brushing on some
plaster-of-paris mix on top edges of everything.
Giving them some texture and simulating mineral build-up.
I did a faux-fungus look by using different shades
of green and some brown paint --
 overlapping the colors somewhat.
I liked the ones best where I didn't get too heavy-handed.

To put the proverbial icing-on-the-cake
I dry-brushed an old wooden box
(using vintage alphabet stamps for the lettering)
 to corral this small herd of terra cotta pots.
For sale at The Rusty Chandelier
north of St Joseph, MO on I-29 & 71 Hwy

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Antique Lace Collars On Ebay

These antique collars are still from the vintage clothing box bonanza.
I don't have any idea how many I have,
there is still more than these.
This is a detail of a bobbin lace oldie.
I don't know if you are familiar with bobbin
lace making, but it looks hard.

Detail of satin collar, made in India.

Detail of ladies linen bow scarf
(like untied bow tie.)

Another bobbin lace collar,
possibly silk.

The wide shots are lovely...

but the closer you get...

the more you can see the gorgeous workmanship.

Most of these are Edwardian era...

somewhere between 1900-1920.

This battenburg lace beauty is my favorite.
You can see it's detailing better on a dark background.
These and others will be listed on ebay sometime between March 8-22.
Check them out at:  dmomma ebay auctions
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