Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Weekend's Vintage Finds 8.27.15 Heading To Ebay

Thursday morning I went to ONE garage sale, but it was a good one.  A few of my purchases:

A unused vintage cotton tablecloth --
with it's original sticker!

Unused vintage greeting cards.

Vintage quilt squares...
with their original newspaper "patterns" still attached.
Several little figurines...

this one is a planter...

this one is not just holding bells,
she IS a bell!

Handmade basket.

Book on chickens,
over 100 years old.
All will be listed on ebay soon.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nanette the Secretary -- Furniture Redo

I'm enjoying making some purchases from local on-line auctions.  Shopping from bed, picking up my loot a couple weeks later.
This cute little secretary was acquired through that route.
The on-line auction service I buy from takes very few
photos of their items (mostly blurry), so it is hard to know exactly what
shape the item is actually in.

This piece surprised me with a foot that
had damage, and some damage to the interior of the desk drawer.
                              But, I bid low based on the fact that I couldn't look
at the piece in person.  So it was still worth the whopping $24 that was
the winning bid.
I spraypainted the interior this great shade of celery green.
It was easier to get all the nooks and crannies.
I painted the exterior white, but some of the dark
stain underneath bled through.
So, I lightly distressed the entire piece.
Added one coat of clear wax and buffing (I hate buffing).
One coat of light brown wax and more hateful buffing.
I named her Nanette after a street in St Joseph, MO.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vintage Finds From Junking Marathon 8.22.15

Last post I gave you a whirlwind tour of the garage sales, flea market, and TWO auctions we attended on Saturday.  Click HERE to see that post. Now the reveal of what we came home with:

The three Little Tavern Mugs came from the first thing we hit Saturday a.m. -
a local garage sale.  Little Tavern Shops were an East Coast chain, but the
creator / owner was originally from our little town.

Red Wing pitcher came from the Swap Meet.
Heading to ebay.

Santa head came from auction #1.
Going on Ebay.

I got five matching seed sacks at the
Swap Meet.  Also ebay bound.

Vintage original oil painting from the church fundraiser auction.
One of the rare things I'm keeping for now.
I think you can see why.

All from the Swap Meet.
Going to the Rusty Chandelier as soon as I can get them priced.

Canners from first auction.
Concrete mushroom from church auction.

Most from first auction.
Round wire basket from last garage sale.
All going to Rusty Chandelier.

My husband picked up these bits and pieces.
Old toy tractor parts going on ebay.
He also snagged this at the Swap Meet.
Going on ebay.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saturday's Junking Marathon 8.22.15

I knew that it was going to be a hectic morning -- that was without pre-planning the church fundraiser auction.  My husband went with me, and did a ton of the packing / unpacking.  But overall, we actually were more relaxed than you would suppose.  All of the following was bookended (is that a word?) by great garage sales.

SWAP MEET -- A small town near us hosts this twice a year (see post "Fur, Feathers & Flea Finds" here from this spring).  We love the quaintness of it.  We love the animals.  We love the people.  We love the junk. 

The fur and feathers refer to the variety of animals
 that are sold in addition to...
yummy treats and good junk.

Here is my husband unsuccessfully haggling over these two columns.
He is holding the Red Wing pitcher, which was one of my few purchases.
We see a lot of the same people here each year.
Our friend Janet made several trips to her van with loot.
Yes, I tried (and failed) to negotiate
for the cute rusty chairs.
This young man is a friend of ours,
he raises different types of birds.
Lots of fun, but not a lot of deals.
So time to move on down the road...
WEEKLY SATURDAY MORNING TINY TOWN AUCTION began at 9 am, so we had to hustle.  I was disappointed with what was being offered inside the building, and not seeing a whole bunch outside to trip my trigger (I did mange to get a few things, including the wire baskets!)  Then, in the opening announcements, the auctioneer said his son was doing a church fundraiser auction at 10 am.  Time to drop back and punt!
CHURCH FUNDRAISER AUCTION was entertaining for a variety of reasons.  (Air conditioning and nice bathrooms were two good reasons.)  Auctioning of baked goods, gift certificates and produce were some other good reasons. 
We managed do all of the above and get home by 1:00 PM!  Tune in to see the treasures we reaped.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Game Board Top Table Upcycle

I saw this cute scrolly painted table base at a garage sale and thought:
"Surely I have a piece of wood that size for the table top".  Right.

I didn't want this to be a project on the backburner for the next few months...years.  So I started looking around for something else that would work. 

This gameboard was just barely big enough, but when it was screwed on to the base was quite sturdy.  Great retro look -- just a bonus.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday's Garage Sale Finds 8.14.15

So, this is a look at this week's loot.  I actually went to a pretty darn good garage sale on Tuesday, so the one's I hit in town on Friday were a bonus.  I was bad and didn't get the photos taken until they were at the Rusty Chandelier later in the week.

Green desk and chair.  That green color drew me in.

Vintage 7-Up cooler.  Already sold.

Metal phone chair.  Loved the simplicity of it.

Three suitcases.

White metal two tier metal plant shelf.
It is missing the glass shelves, but would look super
with old barn siding.
All for sale at the Rusty Chandelier.
North of St Joseph MO at the intersection of
I-29 and Hwy 71.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Saturday's Auction Finds 8.15.15

Went to the weekly Tiny Town auction last Saturday morning.  It was larger than usual because of it being an estate in addition to the consigners.  I only stayed for the outdoor segment, and still was there for three sweltering hours -- continuing to suffer from my poison ivy:(.    Anyway, here are some of the highlights.

three large buckets and rolling RCA cart
blue sled

red chair with...
great crackled finish
rusty daybed head and foot

Edwardian Dress

 I bought this dress a few months ago, and tucked it away in a "future ebay sales" drawer. I have been on an ebay sabbatic...