Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Line Up Of Vintage Sleds for 2015

Last year I went a little crazy with whole sled thing.  I had stashed away nine by the time Christmas selling time arrived, click  HERE  for that post.  I wasn't able to break that record this year, but still managed to pick up eight.  And now, without further ado, here is our line up of vintage sleds for 2015:

Here is the "before" photo.  I decided to paint several black to look like chalkboards.  I purchased some vintage window stencils from ebay to make the job easier.  (So much to do for the holidays!)

These two are my favorites, I love the worn surface on the white one.

I ended up selling the blue one without any stenciling.
But I loved how the stenciling enhanced the
vintage beauty of the white one.

Already sold, of course.
Here are some "after" group pictures.
I ended up doing two of the snowflake sleds.

The sled on the right was a vintage stencil.
This little sled was the only actual chalkboard
sled that I did this year.

And some more close-ups.
I purchased the "Bless This House" stencil at Hobby Lobby.
The border stencil was a Martha Stewart.

I think a mistake people make when decorating sleds is doing
a horizontal design (long ways on the sled).
People almost always decorate with the sled standing upright
so you should be able to read any writing without tipping your head..

A lacy all-over stencil on raw, aged wood.

The ornament stencils on this sled were done with the vintage
window snow stencils that I had ordered off of ebay.
Long story, but it took over three weeks for me to receive them.

I'm in love with the vintage stencils.
They were worth the wait.
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  1. I love these. Sure wish I could find old beauties like these around here. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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