Thursday, July 2, 2015

Katherine Dresser Furniture Redo

I went to an estate sale last a week ago of someone I had known.  I found this very plain oak dresser.  I did not need another dresser, but there it was waiting for me.  I'm like the foster home that gives furniture a little lovin' and TLC before passing it on.

My husband begged me not to paint it, so we compromised.  I refinished the drawers and the top, finishing them off with two coats of wax.  They still had a kind of primitive look to them. I took the cue from the wood and lightly chalk painted the body of the dresser with white.  I sanded just enough so that the "alligatoring" would show through.  Then I added antique porcelain knobs to compliment the white body. 

I'm naming the dresser "Katherine" after her former owner.  I hope to find her a new home soon. 

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