Friday, February 5, 2016

More Junk Art Mosaic Hearts

A few days ago I did a tutorial on adding vintage junk to frames (click here to see the "how to".  I had included photos of frames that the ladies had made in the class that I taught.  This post is documenting some of the frames that I made myself.

This is the first frame where I attempted to use
wood filler as a surface for the "junk."

It was a little chunky and smelled bad.
But it gave me some good experience on the type of "junk"
that looked good on the frame.

I LOVE the back of watches where you
can see all the little gears.

The first finished frame.

After I perfected the right wood filler
I experimented with applying it to different surfaces.
Wood was a given.  But would it work on metal?
You betcha.

This frame started out as a Michael's 99 cent bare wood frame.
I enjoyed finding the right vintage Valentine to add to it.
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