Friday, February 19, 2016

A Friend's Booth At The 2016 St Joseph MO Antique Show

My husband and I are privileged to be friends with a great local family. 
The "patriarch" wanted to downsize his wonderful antiques collection somewhat. 
I suggested that he participate in his first antiques show.

I was so busy taking photos of his cool
merchandise, that I missed taking a photo
of the sign in back of this twig table:

Every penny he made from the sale
will benefit a program which sends food home with
low-income children each weekend.

I am glad to report that his very first antique show
went very well and that Backpack Buddies
will be receiving a generous donation.

He set up right across the aisle from me,
so I was able to visit with he and his daughters when
things got slow.

These two fans had a baby brother,
which I am pleased to report went home with me.

I think we managed to make a small dent in
his downsizing goal...

but I wouldn't be surprised to see him set up again next year.



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