Monday, February 19, 2018

St Joseph Antique Show Booth

 My husband and I were vendors in the St Joseph Antique Show over the weekend.

We brought some personal antiques which we have enjoyed for decades, but we are getting our house ready to move and clearing things this sign which has been hanging on our back porch. And
the little girl "Meditation"lithograph print on the left which has graced our stairway.

We had good sales, and it was fun visiting with old friends and making some new ones.  Here I am with my friends Kelly and Dean.  There family has befriended us since we moved to the area 30 years ago.

A little sad that this is our last St Joseph Antique Show, as it will be too far to pack everything from our new location.


  1. I love those old suitcases. I have been on a major cleaning and clearing out spree. Have a ton of stuff to garage sale or maybe put on Etsy.

  2. Can you imagine having all of the "extra baggage" in your life miraculously gone? Two more weeks and i will let you know how it feels!


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