Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some Great & Gross Basement Junk 7.18.2014

Back to tackling the unoccupied house of 24 years.  The June sale was just the upstairs, after all.  Time to prowl the moldy basement.   Sure, there was plenty of nasty stuff.  Most anything paper, fabric or wood was damaged or destroyed.  But if you can look past that... some of it was sooo coool.   

This fun pair of sisters in charge of clearing the house had a dirty job on their hands.  By the time I arrived back from my Colorado vacation they had cleared out the majority of the grossness and were begging me to take some of what was left off of their hands. (Oh yeah, let me think twice about that.)

These were the items that landed on my front porch.
Great frames. Crocks / stoneware. Mirrors.  jewelry. Blue Mason jars. Chippy white dresser.  Walnut drop leaf table.  Awesome birdbath.  old bottles. Books. Collector spoons.  Oak Bench.  Wood crates with advertising. Scales. Old suitcase. Aqua fan. Great chippy dresser which I will reveal later. Enough junk to make me giggle with joy.  Enough to keep me busy cleaning and pricing for quite awhile. 

And some of it landed on my new back patio.

It took three loads to get it all home.
(And a pulled muscle in my husband's back.)
You can barely see the old DeLaval sign on the right.
My husband snagged that for our back porch
before I could sell it.
Then I called in friends to help clear out some of what was left.
They drove away with a truck and trailer load of fun stuff.

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