Thursday, August 13, 2015

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds -- Heading To Ebay

Besides the items I transformed on "Make A Mess Monday" I also picked up some vintage items last weekend that didn't need a rehab (thank goodness).

Five little vintage squeaker toys.
SQUEAKER.  Great Scrabble word.

Vintage nativity ornament in box.
Love the palm trees.

Murano glass chicken.
All the above came from Friday's church sale.
All are heading to ebay.
I bought a box of 80 of these red bottles at Saturday's auction.
(I'll spare you the story of the 800 that got away).
Maybe for Christmas d├ęcor, maybe ebay, or maybe Halloween.
Crazy how I'm already thinking about Halloween and Christmas.
Box of vintage soda straws,
also from Saturday's auction.
Boxes of unused White Christmas Lights.
Handmade folk art Moila Circus Truck.
Going on ebay.
Both husband and I were struck by it's awesome details.
It was modeled after this showboat.

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