Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A quick summation of junking last weekend:  Friday I went to a church sale.  Saturday morning my husband and I went to the weekly Saturday morning "Tiny Town Auction" -- check out one of my posts on the Tiny Town Auction here.  Sunday after church we drove to an estate auction at a different little town.  Check my next post for the ebay worthy items that I picked up.

Others needed a little TLC and my Mondays are notorious for sanding, sawing and slopping paint around (after I painted this ladder celery green I literally slopped white paint on it). This past Monday morning was pretty hot and humid (plus I have a major poison ivy outbreak) so here is a quick tip to beat the heat (or at least tame it):
-- Before I went outside I soaked my cotton T-shirt in cold water, squeezed out the excess and put it on.  It wasn't pretty, but it did the job.  I also had a bottle handy to spray more water on as needed. --

Frames from the church sale, which included a couple nice big ones.  I am in the habit of painting all of my frames white. 

The little cloche holders I had purchased from the church sale and were originally green.  I spraypainted them, the previously white hat, and the wooden box all flat black in preparation for Halloween.

Little ladder that I purchased at the Sunday auction.  I watered down the celery green DIY chalk paint (with about 2/3 of it being water) to give the ladder some sheer coverage.  The birdcage I spraypainted flat black also in preparation for Halloween.

When I was done with the celery green chalk paint I actually painted the jar that I had stored the paint in, on the outside with the residual paint from my paintbrush.  It ended up kind of cute!  Check out my furniture redo post later this week to see my last celery green project.

Some of these guys were the little Disney dudes that hung out with Snow White.  Some were gnomes.  All were ceramic and came from the Sunday afternoon auction.  I painted over the (eeegad) purples and pinks that they were dressed in with greens and red.  That way they were all transformed into Christmas Elves.

Did I mention I painted them at 4 am because I couldn't
sleep due to getting a steroid shot for my poison ivy?
These guys looked so blissfully restful.
I pulled an all-nighter and still feel like I could
run a marathon.
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  1. You sure found some great stuff. Love that birdcage! Thank you for sharing your treasures at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  2. Love all your great finds! The frames look fabulous in white!


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