Saturday, August 1, 2015

Agency MO Citywide Garage Sales -- Summertime Joy

I'm back from our Colorado vacation (picture this: no mosquitos, low humidity and temps in the 80s).  My battery is recharged.  Immediately after getting back I jumped in helping out a friend with her moving sale.  She had lived in the same house for 60 years, so it is no small job.  It has kept me a little distracted from junking, but today we took some time out for junking fun.

The little town of Agency, MO by us was having their citywide garage sale.    My husband and I took off early on this beautiful, cool morning. 

We visited many sales just off the highway that had gorgeous vistas.  So that is why people live in Agency.  And that is why I need to bring my camera on junking trips.
You should be looking at a hilltop view instead of the radio I purchased at one of the sales.

We pulled into a driveway that had a sign out, but wasn't open yet.  As we were pulling away, I saw a cute little bistro table and chairs.  I jumped out of the moving vehicle, moved the set far to the side of the driveway, and left a note on it.  SOLD, with my cell number.  About 15 minutes later I got a call from the owner, I told her we would be right there.  I was glad we hurried over, because it WAS the sale to be at.

Besides the bistro set, I also picked up a vintage metal baby bed -- both which we dropped off at the Rusty Chandelier on the trip home (so no photos of them).  We also purchased some galvanized tubs, four wire baskets (mailman bought three before I even took my picts), watering cans, tricycle, milk box, and birdbath.

They advertised 30 sales, we probably hit about 25.  We wrapped up the successful morning of junking with a trip to Panera.  You have to love summertime.

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  1. Your idea of leaving the SOLD note was genius. I gotta remember that one!


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