Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Burlington Railroad China Purchase

Last week I went on a buying trip to Lincoln.  The best item that I purchased was a box of vintage railroad china.

I had one little piece at home,
so I recognized the Violets & Daisies Pattern.

Manufactured by Syracuse China in the "Violets & Daisies" pattern used for CB&Q rail line.  The5 plates in the first photo are not marked with railroad stamp.
  Early pieces carried the CB&Q RR backstamp, but later pieces by Syracuse didn't.

This little butter pat was the only piece I had owned previously.
It has the CB&Q backstamp (below), which railroad collector's drool over.

The butter pat and a couple of the plates were made by Buffalo China.  Most of my pieces were made by Syracuse China - other manufacturers of this pattern for CB&Q were Haviland Limoges, Buffalo & Shenango China.

These pieces are Marked : "Made expressly for the BURLINGTON ROUTE BY ONONDAGA POTTERY CO. SYRACUSE N.Y.  FURNISHED THROUGH T.M. JAMES  & Sons China CO Kansas City, Missouri O.P.Co.SYRACUSE China U.S.A".
All 16 pieces are on ebay this week.
I am anxious to see how it plays out.
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