Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween Upcycled Vintage Hats 2016 Edition

One of my favorite ways to "elegantly" celebrate the season is making Halloween themed hats from vintage hats that have seen better days.  All the hats that I used cost me less than $2 each.  Most of the decorations came from Dollar Tree, and it was just a matter of creative composition and securing everything securely -- just like a real millinery. 

"Rat's Nest" Hat

I thought the white feathers helped
set the rat apart from the black hat.

"Black & Orange Glitter" Hat

"Mad Masquerade" Hat

"Bat Wings" Hat

"Give Me A Hand" Hat

"Orange Tarantula & Web" Hat

"Glow-In-The-Dark" Hat

"Crow's Nest" Hat.
Crow is motion sensitive -- and makes cackling noise.
Click here or here to see last year's editions.

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