Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas Under Glass

This past Saturday morning I told myself that in my one hour of discretionary time before leaving for the day, I would pick up the house.  All went according to plan for about 10 minutes.

Then I came across a stash of vintage Italian crèche figurines that had not sold last year.  Reprice? or ..... What about all of those great shaped peanut butter jars I had found last spring?  (Click here to see the Halloween Still Life (s) with the same peanut butter jars.)

I decided to do little groupings of crèche figures under glass -- and a few with cheesy Santa scenes as well.  Because once you stop picking up the house, you may as well totally lose focus.

I made thin cardboard circles that fit in the bottom (or lid if upside down) and secured the figures with a bit of hot glue.  Then carefully set the figures on cardboard in place.  Next I added the snow (or Spanish moss -- which I snipped into tiny bits) to cover the cardboard. 

Lastly I attached the vintage postcard to the inside of the glass with Loc-Tite superglue.  TAADAA --
"Christmas Under Glass" x 8 (plus an enormous mess to worry about.... later.)

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  1. How thrifty and smart of you. And now you've added great little scenes to your holiday decorations or for gifts.They all look so cute.Such a smart idea and used what you had.
    Oh well that mess isn't going anywhere is it? I find it hard to keep house just so this time of year with my crafting gear out.
    Have wonderful weekend and wonderful Thanksgiving

  2. I love your Christmas in a Glass!! I can certainly see why you gave up cleaning for crafting :) I make some similar diorama-type decorations but have never thought of using old nativity figurines. Thanks so much for linking up your post with us at Vintage Charm!


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