Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Road Trip To College Of The Ozarks

My son and his wife are both alums of College Of The Ozarks.  They still live in the Branson area, so it is easy for us to slip over to the college every time we visit.

You may have heard of the school --
you work your way through college and graduate debt free.  WHOO HOO!  You may not have heard how great the college is for tourists to visit.

The Keeter Center is an awesome restaurant and hotel situated at
the entrance of the college.  The food is exceptional, and is
prepared and served by students.

Each meal is served with homemade biscuits and rolls...
with apple butter made on campus...
and butter made on campus from the DAIRY COWS on campus.
I actually had a pork dish (yeah, you guessed it) from pork raised on campus.

These were a few of the yummy pastry offerings.
Yes, made on campus.

There is a mill that you can tour on campus.
They grind and bag various grains.
(photo of mill on top.)

There is a jelly and fruitcake kitchen,
which can be toured on weekdays.
There is also a great museum on campus,
and a greenhouse which is open to the public.

This is perhaps my favorite area -- the ice cream shoppe.
Yes, milk from campus cows goes into each campus-made flavor.

Here is the area in front of the Keeter Center.
The entire campus is pristine and well-maintained --
thanks to the army of campus-employed students.
Best destination in the Branson area.
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