Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Steampunk Junk Vintage Finds

Saturday was the perfect fall day.  Breezy, warm -- great auction weather.  I travelled to a little nearby town and stayed from the first moment of the sale to the last. Sigh, it was probably the last outdoor auction of 2016 for me.

Here is what I wished that I took home.  I have seen a few
Rainbo screen doors in my time -- but none in as good of
condition as this beauty.  WOW.
And the following is some of what I did manage to take home.
The common denominator is that taken as a whole,
they kind of had a steampunk vibe.
These are some interesting double wheel rollers.
Love the patina.

No idea what this is.
The heavy base is perhaps an enamel over metal.

Various types of jingle bells.
The dime helps you get a perspective.

Pair of antique ornate door knob plates.

Porcelain Rollers.
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  1. Wow what an incredible assortment of very useful goodies for some future projects. Haave yet to ever gotten to go to an auction. Looks like there were some treasures there.. You had to leave that special Rainbo screen. Total bummer.The one that got away.

    Have wonderful weekend anyway

  2. Such fun finds--I love steampunk treasures, and my daughter has inherited the same love :) Between us we have quite a collection. Thanks so much for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm--


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