Monday, November 13, 2017

Stenciled Sleds 2017

I didn't go quite as crazy collecting sleds this year, as I have in past years.
  I think the count was 8 or 9, but I only had to "tweek" 6 of them. 
Here they are:

 The giant blue one already had the blue paint...

 I  just had to add a little stenciling.

 (I thought my garden gnome would have made
an excellent Christmas elf.)

 Sled #3. White always looks great stenciled on red.
(I just painted my white picket fence green
a few weeks ago, and it made a nice backdrop.)

 I did the yellow/gold stencil on this one 
to match the yellow/gold pinstripe already on the metal frame.

 I thought it looked very authentic,
someone else must have thought the same ...
it was the first one to sell.

 Just a tiny bit of stenciling on outside slats of this one.
(I know when to leave well-enough alone.)

Not necessarily my honest thoughts


  1. Sleds are hard to find down here in Mississippi. I like your collection.

  2. These are just adorable. Thanks so much for the idea!pinned:)

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    1. I am so pleased that you visited my blog. I hope you hop over again soon.

  4. The stenciled sleds are really cute! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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