Monday, February 13, 2017

The Language Of Flowers Through Postcards

Gifts of blooms, plants, and specific floral arrangements were used to send a coded message to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society.Armed with floral dictionaries, Victorians often exchanged small "talking bouquets,"with several types of coded flowers. Victorian postcards portraying particular flowers were also a source of the (not-so-secret) code.  I am bunching together groups of vintage flowered postcards for ebay.

Rose -- I love you (in general) but here were just some of the more specific messages:
  • Rose( white) – Eternal Love ; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence
  • Rose(pink) – Perfect happiness; please believe me
  • Rose(Yellow) – Friendship ; jealousy; try to care
  • Rose(Black) -Death Rose(red and white) – Together; unity
  • Rose(thornless) – Love at first sight
  • Rose( single, full bloom) – I love you; I still love you
  • Rose bud – Beauty and youth ; a heart innocent of love
  • Rose bud(red) – Pure and lovely
  • Rose bud(white) – Girlhood
  • Rosebud (moss) – Confessions of love
  • Roses(Bouquet of full bloom) – Gratitude
  • Roses( Garland or crown of) – Beware of virtue; reward of merit; crown ; symbol of merit
  • Roses ( musk cluster) – Charming
  • Rose(tea) – I’ll always remember
  • Rose(cabbage) – Ambassador of love
  • Rose(Christmas) – Tranquilize my anxiety; anxiety
  • Rose(damask) – Brilliant complexion
  • Rose(dark crimson) – Mourning

 Thoughts, Love

Violet – Meaning: Modesty; Calms tempers; Induces sleep
Violet (blue) – Meaning: Watchfulness; Faithfulness; I’ll always be true
Violet (white) – Meaning: Let’s take a chance on happiness

These are my favorite: symbolizing True love; memories.

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