Thursday, February 2, 2017

Vintage Valentine Bonanza

I purchased a box of vintage / antique valentine's at an auction this past summer.  Summer is a super busy time for me, so I squirreled away the box without really looking through it.  I was pleasantly surprised a couple of weeks ago when I finally had time to look through the box.

I was pleased at the age of the Valentine Cards.
Most of them date from 1913-1924.

I was pleasantly surprised at the condition.
Only a couple were in good or fair condition,
the rest were "very good."

I was surprised at the variety.
Die cut; mechanical; pop out; stand up; lithographed; German.

This one is mechanical and made in Germany.

I got several of these "multi-layer" valentine's
with paper doilies.

Here is my favorite one.
Pop up with honeycomb.
All are heading to ebay in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Very Charming vintage Valentines. Great auction surprise.

  2. I LOVE your valentines--thanks so much for sharing them with us at Vintage Charm!


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