Saturday, June 9, 2018

Catholic / Religious Vintage Finds

 I went to a fun estate sale over the weekend.
I loved the frrames on all three of these prints,
but the paper graphics were gorgeous as well.

 This is a baptism certificate from 1911.
I love the original wavy glass on all of these.

 I should probably research the meaning behind this print,
but it is lovely.

Three cloth scapular sets --
which I guess was worn over or across the shoulders as a sign of commitment.
These are all pretty moth eaten, but each set contains a little medal and one 
piece of printed cloth that is quite cool.

 1912 Catechism book.

 A poster from a nearby Abbey,
which I think dates from about 1905.

Various religious "scraps"
and two rosaries.
Most everything I purchase now gets packed up and whisked
away to our other property about as fast as I buy it.
It will still be months before I rent a booth space down there.

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  1. do check the back of the baptism certificate the frames often contain mass certificates and other catholic memorabilia , i have one that is about 3 inches deep with certificates idea why but theyre quite valuable in their selves .

  2. Looks like you found some very neat stuff.

  3. I love all the religious stuff - very cool.

    We're in the process of moving too and everything I've been buying at estate sales is sitting in piles at the new house. It will be like Christmas day when I finally get around to pricing things and taking them to my booth.

    1. Everything I have been buying this summer is sitting in plastic tubs at our new house as well. When I finally get around to GETTING a booth at the new location, I am going to have to great stuff to sell.

  4. I aenjoyed seeing your finds. Your last picture of all the mass cards and rosaries would make a great shadow box arranged like they are. I'm sure you could find acid free tape so they would not be damaged. Love your apple blossoms, too!

  5. I do love the old religious treasures! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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