Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4.26.14 Last Weekends Vintage Finds

I barely had time to unload the van from Lincon, and it was Friday morning and time to hit the road again. I love my job :).  I only went to a couple of local sales.  The lady that sold me the metal side table had purchased it from me years ago.  Isn't that funny?  It is not the first thing that I have bought/sold more than once.

I gave the white step stool a vigorous sanding
that exposed great red and yellow paint.
I am using it as a plant stand in my
outdoor booth.

Flea market finds on Saturday.
The sweet oval girl litho probably lasted over
100 years in great condition.
I only owned it a few hours before I poked a hole in  it.

My favorite vintage find:
A folk art trinket box with star on top.

Close second:
Hand carved butter and bread cutting boards/
First time I've ever seen the butter.
I think it originally had a glass plate in it.
Soon on ebay.

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