Saturday, February 7, 2015

Heart Decorated Feedsacks On Ebay

I went to my first auction of the year last Saturday.   I know before I go...I give myself a little pep talk...I try to slow my heart rate.  Then I hear the auctioneers bewitching chant...and bid too much.  It happens at the first auction of every year.  I guess it takes me awhile to get my game on.

I ended up with quite a lot of feed / flour sacks
with great graphic advertising.
You'll be seeing more in the days to come.

There were actually a few that had already been
upcycled, like the above aprons.

Having a soft heart for vintage hearts,
I hurried to get photos of these before V-Day.
These items will be selling on ebay the week of February 8:
click here to see Dmomma Ebay Auctions

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