Sunday, February 1, 2015

Victorian Accessories On Ebay

Still referring back to the box of vintage clothing and accessories (click here for the story) I uncovered from an auction we attended last year.  I have to quickly stash things away when I am in the middle of my "busy season".  I completely forgot about this little treasure trove until I was clearing out my back porch recently.  Among the treasures were aprons (fancier ones), Edwardian Blouses, a gorgeous Edwardian lace dress, unfinished printed needlework projects from the 1920s, and these odds & ends:

Button hooks (some with advertising).
What are they used for, you ask?

For spats like these, and high top boots.

Loved the tiered cuffs on these gloves.
They made my hand feel claustrophobic.
Black velvet wool and velvet drawstring bag.

Delicate camisole.
They had to wear something under all of those
peek-a-boo lace Edwardian blouses.
All going on ebay the week of February 1.
Click here for ebay Dmomma auctions.

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