Friday, February 13, 2015

Stop The World From Turning -- Globe Upcycles

I had mentioned in my Bird Cage Light Upcycle post that I had items ready for several more lighting upcycles in the works.  I've had four globes sitting around forever, one smaller metal and three average size cardboard ones.

The northern hemispheres were turned into upcycled lighting. After I took the globes apart I spraypainted the interior a flat nickel color -- and did some of the bases to match.

The southern hemispheres (bottom of the globes) were turned into bowls. Not food bowls.  This is easily done by disassembling them and throwing out the "tilting" apparatus.  Just screw them back directly on to the base.  These top two photos were a metal globe, the rest are cardboard.

This one I had a cheapo metal basket that I removed
the handle from and attached the globe bowl with e6000.

On one of the globes I decoupaged map scraps to the two interiors because it had a drippy interior.  To make them look more finished I applied a strip of corkboard shelf liner around the top.  It helped to hid  the rough cardboard edges.

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