Monday, February 9, 2015

Just Put It In A Mason Jar & Sell It!

I shared in a previous post that I store all my Bits & Bobs (click here for post) in Mason Jars.  Also my paint brushes.  Also paint that I've turned into chalk paint or mixed two shades together. But my Mason Jar lightbulb moment occurred when I realized everything sells better in Mason Jars.  Do you ever see bits of lace or marbles in Ziploc bags at antique malls (imagine a small shiver of disgust here)?

They are so much easier to view, and look display worthy in an ordinary mason jar / or any cute jar you come across.  Grouped together in eclectic little cliques. Clear works best.

I was at an auction where there were boxes and boxes of Beanie Babies (imagine a slightly larger shiver of disgust here).  A fellow auction goer shared with me that they planned on putting them in mason jars with a ribbon to sell for Valentine's Day -- now THAT is a brilliant idea.  Everything looks better in a mason jar -- even beanies!

Since I do my share of junking, I often get "extras" in an auction box.  This is a good way to get rid of some of that and still make a little change.  Keep your eyes open for masons or great jars of all sizes (make sure they have lids or that zinc lids would fit them.)

I sell several jars full of STUFF every month, it is money in the bank.

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