Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Tree Farm Trunk With Old Hinge Decor

The whole project began with the unearthing of these great green hinges.
With a little help from spraypaint I thought they would look like
Christmas trees.

I taped off the areas that I wanted to stay green,
and used a nice brown spraypaint for the rest.
Then what to do with them?
I dug this trunk out of my "antiques shed".
It was already green and had the license plate attached.

I added the handle (which had such great chippy paint!)

My husband painted the Kringles name.
I stenciled "TREE FARM".

I added the chain to keep it open,
and attached the hinge "trees".

So, for the holidays it can be left open for trees,
birch logs, etc. ...

and after the holidays it could be closed and
used for decorative storage.
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  1. So creative! I absolutely love it and am pinning it to our Vintage Charm Features board. Thanks for linking up your posts with us week after week :)


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