Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crazy Quilt Stockings and Ornaments For 2017

2017 is not a type-0 -- these really are prepped and ready for unearthing in November 2017.  Laying sleepless in bed recently, I started thinking about a needy third grade class that has nine sweet children.  Maybe I should make Christmas stockings for them.  Maybe I should do it NOW.  You'll be glad to know that I (mostly) waited until the next morning.

After I cut out nine Christmas stockings (front and back) I decided that third graders might not be that keen on vintage crazy quilt stockings.  Sigh.  You'll be glad to know that I went a different direction for them and they will be well taken care of.  So the stockings are packed away for a head start on Christmas 2017.

But there were a bunch of scraps that I really wanted to use somehow.  I had a friend over and we used vintage Christmas cookie cutters as a pattern and cut out about six different ornaments.  I did the cutting, stuffing and putting them together with hot glue while she did some rustic stitching around the edges.  Sorry, no picts -- I sent them home with her.  I wasn't keen on doing a bunch of handstitching this time of year.

There were still more scraps to deal I whacked out a bunch of very primitive Christmas trees and really liked the look.  No sewing allowed.  I used double sided tape to attach some to a white trim piece.  I think they would also look cute on a table runner or Christmas tree skirt.

Just to see what it would look like, I tried just throwing the trees on a window (or cabinet door?) that I got for $5 in the "as is" area of Ikea.  I just rolled some paintable textured wallpaper behind it to see how I liked it.  Nice winter wonderland.  Maybe a good project for 2017, but for now I am all about taking it easy and enjoying the holidays.

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