Monday, December 12, 2016

Flannel & Feed Sack Christmas Pillows

It all goes back a couple of years ago when I bought a plethora of feedsacks at auction.  I went home with some awesome animal, western and heart graphic feedsacks (click here to view the feedsacks I put on ebay.)  I also took home some newer or smaller Christmas feedsacks for which I could not figure out a use.

So I gave those to my friend Katie who actually sews,
and she turned out a bunch of pillows to sell last year. 
I snagged a couple of the pillows last year.

Sadly, she is no longer selling at my vintage mall.
But she had a couple of pillow covers left over which
she was kind enough to give me.  Yeah for me.
They mix and match perfectly and look great on my new Ikea couch.
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