Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nebraska Farm Finds

Spring break in Nebraska.  Three years in a row now.

 There might not be sand, palm trees (or sun)
but this is our preferred spring break destination.

 This is the third year that we have purchased vintage
junk from Richard.  This year he convinced his brother to bring stuff.

How would you feel if you pulled up to a scenic farm house,
saw all this great stuff on display and realized that is was
all for your personal shopping pleasure.
(Yes, I went home with everything in this photo.)

Both brothers were pushed around in
this old baby stroller.
It now sits in my Missouri front yard.

It was nice having two men that were able to explain
to me what some of this stuff was.
The three pieces on the right bottom corner are barn
door rollers that are marked 1901.
 Oh, and here is something else both brothers rode on...
about 70 years ago.


  1. WOW!

    I love every thing. I would have had to buy a good bit of their stuff. Love the buggy and the train. You got some really wonderful things.

    1. Thank you. It was alot of fun and the Nebraska guys are a hoot. A great way to kick off junking season.

  2. Wow, shame that old truck scooter is so rusted. I can't even imagine what it looked like originally. Great finds, Sandi

  3. What a fun trip!! You got some amazing buys. Love having you and your posts party with us at Vintage Charm :)


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