Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wahoo Nebraska Vintage Auction Finds

On the way back from our spring break buying trip to Nebraska, we made a little detour to Wahoo, Nebraska.  (Really, that is the name.) Wahoo is an Indian word meaning "burning bush". 

On that particular Saturday there were two auctions in town.  One in a lovely warm building with a bathroom.  The other in an unheated barn with no facilities.  Guess which one I choose to attend? And my husband went to the more "primitive" one.  We both got some fun things.

He purchased the manhole cover (love this, may have to keep it).  Can you imagine a path of manhole covers in your yard?

He also purchased this cool old milk can with a brass railroad tag.  Probably heading to ebay.

I purchased this old leather doctors bag (the maker tag says EMDEE, get it?)  It is from a retired doctor that delivered most of the babies in Wahoo for many decades. Also for ebay.

I purchased this transferware ironstone set, which I will probably sell separately.

And I bought an entire set of this Haviland Limoges china for a song, but I am having problems identifying the pattern -- they made over 3000 patterns.

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1 comment:

  1. I like your picks. My favorites are the man hole cover and the milk jug.


    have a happy weekend.


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