Sunday, June 11, 2017

Local Vintage Tractor Show

 Our local museum sponsored a Tractor Show in their
parking lot last Saturday.

 To compliment the outdoor show, they had a display of
pedal tractors inside. The blue Ford is ours (belonged 
to our now 28 year old children).

 There was a great tractor display,
and you could cool off with apple juice freshly made from this antique mill.

 This is a daddy of a friend of mine,
standing by his favorite tractor.

 There were many things to see and do,
and plenty of chewing-the-fat.

 This was the only tractor that wasn't actually
driven to the museum.  The owners keep most of them
in running condition for shows and tractor cruises.

 This little farmer's shirt says "Will trade one of
my sisters for a tractor".  Who can blame him,
he has three sisters.

This little guy is enjoying the leftovers of the
"mini super-farmer contest".

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  1. Neat peddle cars! Love your blue Ford one.

    These are great events. We don't have any of them around here. Sometimes they will have a few at the Fall Festival.

  2. What a fun show! Thanks for sharing it, along with your other posts, with us at Vintage Charm :)


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