Thursday, June 15, 2017

Three Vintage Find "Projects"

I am being super selective in what I purchase for resale.  One of the things on my "do-not-buy list" is project pieces.  You know the ones, they take more time than they are worth. But sometimes I am sorely tempted, and I give in...

 Like this cute little vintage wooden wheelbarrow.
Great colors, just missing...a whole side!

I decided the best option was to make it looked "patched"
rather than "matched".
 100 year old hooks...but on ugly boards.

I had some extra baseboard leftover from my
kitchen floor makeover (see post here) .
I like the vintage look of the hooks and baseboard together.
 We recently bought a single old drawer for the two great pulls
that were on it, which we sold on ebay.
That left the drawer itself...

 The drawer has this great wainscoting on the bottom.
Well, you just can't put that out on the curb...

 I trimmed off the drawer "lip" that made it sit ascew.
I added the shelf.
Then a little painting and distressing.

 Old drawer upcycled into small shelf.

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  1. All easy enough fixes. And saved from the landfill.


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