Monday, June 19, 2017

Selling Off My Vintage Hershey Collection

In about every other post I mention we hope to relocate in a year.  We will have lived in this same wonderful house for 30 years.  I am not a huge "collector" (I am much more of a "seller") but you still manage to retain stuff in 30 years.  Bit by bit, I am having to re-evaluate my "stuff".  Do I love it?
Do I use it?  Is it an important part of our history?

Keeping the kitchen items we use all the time AND look good.  It is going to take some doing to thin things down.  This is just step one...selling off my vintage Hershey collection.

 I LOVE chocolate and I liked how the browns looked in my kitchen, so it served it's use.  I've enjoyed a good portion of the collection for decades.  But, at this point I am ready to let some lucky ebay buyer enjoy the candy bar boxes and cocoa tins.

Getting rid of these lovelies will help de-clutter the high shelf in the kitchen.  And we all know that to sell houses, they need to look de-cluttered.  Spacious.

Presently it looks a little sad where the Hershey stuff was sitting, time to take down the Hershey sign and rearrange what is left.  Sometimes de-cluttering hurts a little.

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  1. I can't imagine moving out of our house right now. I've been wanting this house all my life. And, I'm enjoying decorating it and crowding it with things I make and love.

    But, with that being said..........I have decided to part with things that no longer fit in. No sentimental value or decided to make or use something else in it's place.

    Good luck thinning down.

  2. this has always been our "forever home". i am in love with it...and our community...and my friends...and our church. but both of our adult children have relocated elsewhere, sigh. I read recently "Courage is the power to let go of the familiar." God grant me the courage I need to go on to the next step, it isn't easy.


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