Friday, June 9, 2017

City-Wide Garage Sales Weekend

So last weekend was my little town's city-wide garage sales -- over 200 garage sales. About 20% start Thursday, another 40% start Friday, and on the official city-wide day of Saturday the other 40% start.  Normally, I am on top of my game those three days, but we were out-of-town until mid-afternoon Thursday, and I needed to leave town again by 9:30 am Saturday.

 So, it was a little hard to figure out which
sales had already been open the day before and therefore were a waste of my time.

 Nevertheless, we did our best and picked up a few nice items.
This little adirondack stool is going on ebay.

 Love this antique plant holder,
also heading to ebay.

 Antique carved soapstone Chinese vase.

 Hubley doorstop.

 My SECOND incubator table, identical to one I bought in April.
Already sold the first one.

 These vintage ceramic angels are not the type of item I normally purchase,
but they were so cute in this vintage upcycled box.

 Red and blue, just in time for July.
Notice the cute cart basket behind the coooler.

Sweet little stoneware bowl,
I would SO keep it if it weren't blue.

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