Saturday, August 11, 2018

Feather & Fur Flea Finds 8.11.2018

 This weekend was the bi-annual Feather & Fur Flea Market.
Oh, there is "junk" there too, but this year the animals were the stars.
We are looking into miniature goats, so I was admiring Billy.

 But then I saw these guys!  Swooon!
They were worth getting up for this morning.

 Look at that cute little piggy face!
The guy says that get to be about 30 lbs,
I forgot what breed they were already.

 Here are his friends!  Hot mess of cute.
Whew, I am still trying to get over them.

 Remember we are packing up and moving cross-state
a week from today?
One more double washtub won't make a difference, right?
And I can use the three wire baskets for packing....


  1. The pigs are so cute, but they turn into big ol hogs.
    And, my husband always says "bacon, bacon, bacon" when I say I want one.

    I love the pile of stuff in the bottom picture. I wish I could find one of those double wash stands. The stools are too cute.

    1. i paid $65 for the double wash stand, but I can usually sell them for $100. and it will be handy for drinks for our "moving away" party. sniff


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