Monday, March 31, 2014

3.29.14 First Auction of the Year

Every junker looks forward to that first auction of the year.  They are usually a rare commodity in the winter.  I try to only go to local auctions, to save on gas and time.  Which explains why I stayed all day Saturday in a cold, dark building to bid on dirty and slightly mildewy items.  Any other time of year I would have taken one look and done a 180.  I picked up some items, but overall wasn't very excited.  Despite the condition of the items, everything went fairly high.  Here's a sampling of my purchases:

I bought the pool baskets in Topeka, everything else came
from Saturdays sale.  My mailman always peruses the items on the
porch waiting to be sorted, and he bought the carom board today.
He usually gets a good deal.

Lots of potential "planters".

Lots of cheapo cameras heading to Rusty Chandelier.

I snagged one box of newer, cheapo jewelry before
people realized we had moved on to the jewelry table.
These were the only truly fun things in the box.
Vintage Russian!  Going on ebay.

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