Saturday, March 22, 2014

Topeka Antique Show 2014 Picts

Last year the Topeka Show was in February.  We had a great experience.  Good crowds.  Great sales.   This year was not so terrific.  Maybe 75% less sales.  Ouch.  March Madness definitely made a big dent.  The local Topeka Antique dealers have a show next weekend, which maybe also took a small bite.  Who knows.  Here a few photos.

Probably my favorite item I had for sale, first time out.
  This vintage lamp could be lit
 in the top or the bottom "face" section.
And who could resist that cute little face?
  Unbelievably still available after the first day.
Vintage Sunshine Biscuit bin.  Killer.
Only one real looker.

Stuck with my theme of pastels/ flowers / shutters. 

Got a lot of compliments on the center vignette.
Only sold the little Roseville piece in the center today.

Oh, and sold one pansy in vintage McCoy planter. 
On the up side:  I was ready for a road trip.
I had a chance to reprice my old merch.
Stayed at Baymont Inn and watched Food Channel.

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