Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Basket Bonanza

I had the itch to use the hot glue gun, make a mess, paint, stamp, drag out all my misc stash... and walah!  Spring Baskets!

I had about 40 peat pots, picked up with a peck of garden junk at an auction
 last year.  So I painted the exterior of all of them an ivory or turquoise.
  The rest is history.

Since I am trying to stick with vintage or vintage themed items for my booth;
that is basically what I tried to go with.  Vintage photos, buttons,
 "scraps", millinery flowers, jewelry, postcards, lace. 
Even the letter stamps I used were vintage.

Mostly stuck with neutral or pastel colors for spring.
 Decided to stay away from an Easter theme because I want to be able to
 sell them around Mother's Day too. I have a huge spool of wire
so the handles were no problem.

So I made 40 of them.  Each one very different.  One of a kind.
Filled with easter grass or shredded paper. 
The ones I am taking to the Topeka Antique Show will have eggs too.
   $4.00 each, which I know is cheap - but I want them to sell.

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